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"What's this?" I think to myself, picking up a what seems to be leather bound book.
As I touch the object, I realize it's not made from the material I thought it is. It feels hard as rock, yet soft, as if it has the tiniest, invisible coat of fur. There is no title on the front or any indication that it has been used and as I flip it open the literature inside first confused me; it's not English and it looks a bit like chicken scratch, but the longer I stare the more clear the words become. It's then that I realize the writings are moving, bending and writhing like snakes to form letters I am familiar with. Intrigued more and more I decide to sit down on a near by bench, close to an illuminated house and begin to read the content.

~Its been 200 years since the world stone has been shattered. My essence has finally recovered within the realm of pandemonium. After I was struck down by the nephalem, I sought shelter within the fortress, healing my broken soul for the last 180 years. Recuperating after that attack has been.. Tiresome. All the while I can hear the souls of man whispering to me and their wailing is becoming louder... My time to be revived fully is near...~

"Huh." My head cocks to the side as I flip to the next page. "So this is a journal of sorts, explains there not being a title on the cover."
With a smile I watch the magic before me unfold upon the pages, waiting patiently for them to be legible to me. I hate taking long pauses when I'm reading so I flip through a few more, letting the words shift to English before I continue where I left off. It's a strange book for sure, but strange is good and usually very interesting.

~I made my way back to sanctuary, set on finding the black soulstone that my brother Tyrael hid away from angels, demons and mankind with the help of a group he names 'the Horadrim.' I can still end the eternal conflict if I act now. The nephalem are once again extinct. If I channel the power of death within me once more, nothing can stop me.~

~Disgusting vile. Humans have increased their numbers and now more evil than I encountered during my last visit to this realm, infest the very fabrics of creation. They must be released from their suffering. In death... There is peace.~

My curious smile turns into a frown the further in I get. I remember my grandfather telling me stories like these, about Angels and Demons, Soulstones and the Horadrim, even the Nephalem have been mentioned by him in his fantastic stories. It's all just fiction to me, but upon reading this I begin to wonder. Many more pages are filled with similar writing about the eternal conflict and the embodiment or using the power of death. It's all a bit strange to me still, but the story took an abrupt turn about half way through.

~There is something in sanctuary, something I've never encountered before. This... Thing... Is neither evil nor good, despite being mortal. How is this possible? Humans are born of renegade Angels and Demons, they harbor the power to do good just as any angel or evil acts rivaling that of the highest ranked demons; so how can something like that stand perfectly within the border of its ancestors? I must know more.~

~This... Thing... That neutral being... She is but a young woman. No powers rest within her veins, no strong emotions towards events that would have long turned any mere mortal to insanity. How could she be so calm? Her purity rivals that of Auriel, my sister, the Angel of hope. Yet, within that innocence lurks a shadow so dark, it's as if Diablo, the lord of terror had painted it there himself. Could she be the answer I've been searching for so long?~

~Sneaking into heaven and avoiding the watchful eyes of my brethren, I repossessed my Chalice of Wisdom, staring into it for an eternity, but there was nothing. I am tempted to seek out the words of my brother Ithereal, for only he can decipher the strings of fate, but what could he possibly tell me which I did not already know? Was she perhaps a new nephalem? If so, then seeking his advice would prove an effort for naught, for they may chose their own path.~

~I will conduct my own experiment upon her. This will prove once and for all just what she is. I will leave my tome in their world, binding it with magic only a nephalem can overcome. I will place it within her grasp and wait patiently for her and once she reads this, it is already too late for her.~

A cold shiver runs down my spine as realization hits me. 'He's talking about me? Or... Oh god, what if he is?!' Panic strikes me and I quickly scan my surroundings, dropping the book from my cold hands and flinching slightly as it crunches the frozen grass at my feet. 'Wait... Why is it suddenly so cold? It wasn't a minute ago.'
With trepidation clawing at my muscles, I rise to my feet and take several steps away from the bench I sat upon, my eyes still watching the area cautiously. It is then I notice something else. There are no people, no lights within the houses and even the laughter from the near by Inn have ceased. It is as though the world has suddenly died.
Leaving my position I run to the nearest abode, frantically knocking on the door and hoping someone would answer. No one did. When the air begins to cool further and chills me to my bones I briskly walk to the inn, rubbing my arms as a thick cloud of vapor constantly blocks my view every time I exhale. I peek in through the window before busting through the door and to my horror everyone here was dead. Their mummified corpses are clinging to one another or the walls, as if they tried to scratch their way out during their last moments,
Some were even still sitting in their chairs, holding their mugs of ale and water. Carefully I approach one of the bodies and gently touch it's arm, almost hoping to find a pulse, but of course there was nothing. Just deathly cold, dry skin that turns to ashes upon my touch. Fear grips my heart as dark murmurs sneak closer. The sounds of tormented spirits pierces the darkness and it's growing louder. Curiosity and dread are on par as I can see a shadowy silhouette creeping outside the windows, hovering eerily fluid through the street.
Then it's gaze found mine. I'm not even sure how I know, there is no face, just a cloak, adorned with armor and some smaller details that glisten in the moonlight. Whatever is outside the glass seems to peer into my very soul, though it has no eyes. His words are whispering to me, making my head spin. After a few moments--though it felt like forever-- I collapse to the ground, holding my head in agony. I can't take it anymore, the lost sobs of the people I knew, the inaudible quiet words floating inside my skull, it's just too much.
Abruptly, it stops.
I linger in my crouching position for a bit as my slowly dizziness fades, before I arise and dare a glance outside. He is gone. I start to wonder if this is all but a dream, though the bodies surrounding me protest that notion. This is real and whatever that thing is, it's still outside, I know it is, but what can I do? He got to the townsfolk inside, why would I be safe? My best bet is to simply make a run for it, try to escape before I share the same fate as these poor people. Mustering whatever strength I have left within my shattered heart, I open the door and freeze as the being stands before me.
A small light is still flickering in the corner of the room, threatening to go out at any moment, but it is enough for me to get a better look at that, which will be my undoing. He stands at least eight feet tall, slender but strong. His arms are crossed, his hands holding two sickles twice the size of my head beside his and grayish armor with a faint tint of dark blue adorn his physique. Glowing strings of light grey rest behind his shoulders, looking much like folded wings of an angel, but there doesn't seem to be a physical form to them. A white cloud surrounds his feet, shifting and writhing around him as the spirits trapped inside try to break free. I am right about one thing though, he has no face. He doesn't seem to have a physical body at all and were it not for his clothing, he would surely be invisible.
He cocks his head to the side just enough to even be considered a movement, before he shifts his weapons with a tight grip. The wings spread out and lash forward, throwing me across the room and against the wall. I hardly even have time to register the thud of the impact when he is upon me again, slamming the curved blades towards my neck and embedding the tips in the old wood, capturing my head perfectly within the bends of the steel without damaging my skin.
All is silent as the entity stares at me, holding me in my defenseless position. I can't help but marvel at him in wonder; though he would be my murderer for sure, I am unable to refrain from taking in the sheer beauty of his presence. Frightening, but oddly divine auras surround him, capturing my heart as I try to hold my ground as best I can.
Though I try, no full sentence can leave my lips. Not that I need to ask who or what he is, it's plain as day that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Angel of Death. Suddenly one of the sickles shifts, its tip being ripped from its splintering prison and finding its way to my cheek. My body slumps as a white mist is pulled from my pores, swirling around the metal as his gaze falls upon it with what might seem like curiosity. If that tome I found is truly his and he is unsure about what or who I am, then this is most likely his way of exploring the truth behind me.
"Nephalem...." He finally speaks. His voice is a low rumble without a clear point of origin.
I want to reply desperately, plead for my life, ask him questions, anything at all, but my throat can still only utter fragments of words and indescribable noises of fear. Just as I dare to lose my wits completely, he retracts his blade, allowing a shard of strength to return to me. His head turns away from me and for a moment it looks like he is pondering. Short lived as his glance shifts back to my shaking form.
"Death comes... For you..."
For the first time since our encounter I am not afraid. In fact, I feel calm after he speaks those words. I'm not sure if my restless thoughts on impending doom are clouding my judgment, but I could swear his words are filled with desire, rather than sounding like a threat. I keep still as the Angel hovers a few inches away from me, his free blade tugging at a button of my top, pulling on it until it pops off. He appears unsure about what to do with me and his morals are visibly struggling.
Suddenly, with one quick move, he skillfully cuts all the buttons off without so much as touching my soft skin underneath. I shudder when the cool air he brings with him grips my chest and causes my nipples to harden. He tilts his head in slight confusion--a rather endearing sight I must admit-- and very gently places the cold metal of his blade on the underside of my breast, lifting it slightly and forcing out a soft moan from me.
Excitement over discovering something he has never witnessed fills his hollow shell, as he throws his sickles to the floor and swiftly cups both of my boobs with his deathly cold, armored gloves. I gasp in surprise, instinctively arching my spine a little and leaning into his touch. I am not sure what's going on right now, but I can't complain; I'll take this over dying any day.
As he fondles my breasts with both lust and curiosity, I give myself to him completely and slowly snake my arms around his skinny waist, unsure what else to do. I've never pleased anyone before, much less an angel. His great interest in this unfamiliar phenomenon causes him to explore the rest of my body. He strips me of the rest of my garments and--for a lack of better words--sticks his fingers in every nook and cranny he can find. Some are more pleasurable than others, but I let him have his fun and keep any protest to his actions buried within me.
He eventually finds my privates and is more intrigued than he has been during our entire encounter. A moan croaks from the back of my mouth, as his slightly warmed, but still cold, hands slide over my clit. That part of the body is so sensitive I feared the sharpness of his claws would harm me more than please me, but he handled it masterfully. I dared not move as he begins moving the flat side of his index finger over the same spot, over and over again. The ecstasy builds up in my guts as I lose myself to the mind blowing sensation that he enjoys bestowing upon me.
Once he has enough of touching me, the Angel turns me away from him, pushing my face and bare chest into the freezing, wooden wall and presses as much of his formless, yet hard body against me, as he can. Wiggling my hips to both explore and excite his crotch area, I find that there is nothing there. There is no bulge to grind against, only the soft material of his cloak caused a prickling friction on my skin. He stops moving, staring down at my ass and probably wondering just what I am trying to achieve, but takes it as a normal human reaction to sexual stimulation.
Giving up on finding his dick, I pout a little in disappointment, before my eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. Something is moving in what should be his private area, poking the entrance of my pussy before gradually creeping its way inside. The pure feeling is enough to make me orgasm, but I bite my lip to hold it back, wanting this moment to last. I cast my gaze over my shoulder to try and see what an angelic penis looks like and am struck with the truth that there is nothing to be seen. His robes are parted and there does seem to be a very faint outline cast by swirls of energy, but it could be an illusion caused by my brain that is trying too hard to make sense of what is happening.
The Angel is still like a statue, holding onto my hips so tightly his armor is scraping my skin and drawing blood. Still, the unseen sexual organ is creeping further in, until it touches the entrance of my womb and just seconds later it begins to thrust in and out roughly and at an almost inhuman pace. With every entrance it makes, it always manages to stop perfectly close to my cervix, stimulating it just the tiniest bit but not hurting or penetrating it. No sounds escape the divine being, but I am moaning and panting heavily, relishing in every second as if they are my last, until I finally reach my climax. Unable to hold it back, I hit my forehead against the wall, gently enough to not hurt myself and let out a loud groan of pure desire.
My walls contract around him and I can feel a strange, gooey liquid enter my body as he pulls away. My orgasm robs me of the last shreds of my power and I slump helplessly to the ground, my half lidded eyes staring between my legs when something glowing and blue begins to leak out. The embodiment of death stares at me a while longer, eventually extending one hand to pull his weapons back into his grasp and leaves me lying in a forming puddle of angel cum, between the screaming bodies of my fellow, dead townsmen.
Death Comes For You - Chapter 1 [Lemon/Malthael]
It's finally here... My first ever Diablo fanfiction... I'm surprised I never wrote anything before for this game, it's just so amazingly! Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this (it was meant to be a one-shot, but it actually turned into a whole story. I can't wait to continue this along with a story I'm co-writing with :icondarkhell616:
I also want to apologize for any mistakes -mainly in the punctuation area- I wrote this on the iPad and I think I need say nothing more. I'll edit it properly once I'm on my laptop again.

i don't own anything from Diablo, those rights belong to Blizzard.
Hell belongs to :icondarkhell616:


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Ok, don't worry, I have NOT forgotten about Fallen or Number 5, I am still continuing them... have no fear :D if you do NOT know what either are, just click on the names, it will take you to the first chapter!
The first is a Supernatural self-insert story about the TV Show Supernatural (duh! ;)) and the second is an Avengers based self-insert story. There's no official pairing with my OC and any of the canon's so far and there may never be one, but we shall see where I take the stories... after all, there's more to life than romances with fictional characters, am I right? Of course I am haha

The main reason for this journal is the fact I want to tell you all about some drabbles I wrote... my bestie :icondarkhell616: bought some lovely books about 'Things To Write About'. They give you a scenario or a task and you have to write something to it! Like: Your best friend turned into a talking cat and came to you for help...
And then write a short snippet to that.
I did a few with her and some of them were pretty good -if I may say so myself- and I wanted to share them with the rest of the world. I will be uploading them shortly -if the new DA page will allow it *rolls eyes*- and I hope you all have a good laugh or at least a smile on your face.

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