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WARNING: Self-insert/rant/love-hate relationship details? I just want to make sure you're warned enough before continuing

It's not quite something, but someone. He's a narcissistic asshole who only loves one thing more than his pet and a brand of Scotch named 'Craig': himself. He's a demon of the worst kind; arrogant, powerful, overly smug, thinks he's smarter than everyone and tries time and time again to find the worst ways to not only humiliate or injure you, but also to pour buckets of salt on top of the wounds. Yeah, he really likes adding insult to injury. His name is Crowley and if I ever stop loving him, I will punch him in the face…
Hate To Love Him (Supernatural)
The task was to describe something that one hates to love... and I described Crowley... down to a T if you ask me haha.

I do not own Crowley or any aspect of Supernatural.
I belong to myself.
WARNING: Self-insert

At the end of the rainbow there stands a pot of gold, just waiting to be taken to my home. I approach it quite gingerly in case the leprechaun who owns it is nearby. Just before my fingers touch the shining golden pieces a small man--in a top ha--jumps out from behind the pot. He wears an evil grin and has a long, shaggy mane colored like fire and his hat only allows the tips of his red hair to show.

"Trying to steal my gold, eh?" He spat on the ground before me. "First, you must answer my questions correctly, only then may you take a share of my gold!"

I gave it some thought and figured that some gold is better than none. "Ask your questions, leprechaun."

"First... How much gold do I have?"

"Not too much for me to carry."

The small man was confused at first, then angry. "No! That's not correct!"

"Prove it."

And thus I went home with a whole pot gold.
My Lucky Day
The task was as follows: You are at the end of the rainbow... and thus... this came of it.

No fanfiction again! I'm doing well for myself haha
WARNING: Self-insert.

The man knocks loudly--three times to be exact. Mistrusting as I am and seeing how I live alone, I never opened the door to a strange man. I went to my bedroom window on the second floor and looked down at the noble man, calling down to him and asking him to identify himself.

"It is I, the king of the seven lands, master of the seas and the bearer of all the riches in the world. All but one; I lack the wealth of a loving and beautiful daughter in law. I asked my son to marry, but he will only have the most modest, beautiful and smart woman; he will settle for nothing less. Will you marry my son, fair lady, daughter of the gods of beauty and fire? Will you give your hand to my only heir and one day take the title of queen? To sit side by side with your ever loving husband who will shower you with riches and minx coats? To dine with us at banquettes most divine?"

I give it little thought and replied quickly and bluntly. "No."
The Royal Proposal
The task was to tell what happens after a king approaches your doorstep... well this is what happens in mine.

No fanfiction, so, no need for copyright :D
WARNING: Self-insert

Curious about finding out who inhabits the blue house, after many nights and days of passing it by and yet never seeing any life inside, I decided to ring the bell. It's a Sunday afternoon, someone 'should' be home at this time of the week. A little anxious I nervously press the buzzer. Their bell is an annoying song, a catchy tune, but highly irritating.

To make things worse the person living here seems to be singing to it, quite merrily... Creepily merrily... It's at this point where I begin to wonder if it was a good idea to bother some stranger only to see who he was. What if he's some overly cheery axe murderer? Or some lunatic on drugs? Actually, judging by their taste in colors and garden ornaments, it might just be Krusty the Clown living here.

The voice creeps closer and my hearts starts to race. The door opens and I scan the entrance to find no one... At my height at least. I look down and see a four foot tall, blue man with a big, red dwarf's hat smiling at me.

"Hello, I'm Papa Smurf! What can I-"

Before he could finish his sentence I slowly backed away and returned home. I never spoke of that encounter to anyone.
The Blue House
The task was to describe who lives in the blue house at the end of the street which had nothing but earth colored homes... yeah... this is what came of it.

I do not own Papa Smurf or anything related to the smurfs (thank goodness)
I belong to myself.
WARNING: Self-insert

I open the bottle and toss the cork over my shoulder before removing the message, stained yellow from old age and read it out loud. It says:

To whomever it may concern,

I am stuck at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. It's best not ask yourself -or the bottle and the note if you one of 'those' kind of people- how a person, stuck in an underwater ravine managed to get their hands on writing paper, ink and a bottle without it all getting wet. Trust me on this, even I'm not sure how I managed to write this.
Back to the point: I am stuck and I need help. Please send help.
Thank you.


The Random Note (Supernatural)
So the task was to write about what the note said. It's what I did... do enjoy :)

I do not own Crowley or any aspect of Supernatural.
I belong to myself XD


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Ok, don't worry, I have NOT forgotten about Fallen or Number 5, I am still continuing them... have no fear :D if you do NOT know what either are, just click on the names, it will take you to the first chapter!
The first is a Supernatural self-insert story about the TV Show Supernatural (duh! ;)) and the second is an Avengers based self-insert story. There's no official pairing with my OC and any of the canon's so far and there may never be one, but we shall see where I take the stories... after all, there's more to life than romances with fictional characters, am I right? Of course I am haha

The main reason for this journal is the fact I want to tell you all about some drabbles I wrote... my bestie :icondarkhell616: bought some lovely books about 'Things To Write About'. They give you a scenario or a task and you have to write something to it! Like: Your best friend turned into a talking cat and came to you for help...
And then write a short snippet to that.
I did a few with her and some of them were pretty good -if I may say so myself- and I wanted to share them with the rest of the world. I will be uploading them shortly -if the new DA page will allow it *rolls eyes*- and I hope you all have a good laugh or at least a smile on your face.

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